Throughout lockdown, I tried to entertain friends and family with my photos. After a while, I thought that I should give my border collie a break from being a model so I bought myself a macro lens – a lens for taking close up or magnified images, and started taking my Totie Photies.

Why ‘Totie Photies’, you ask? Well, ‘totie’ is a term, used affectionately, here in Scotland for ‘tiny’. ‘Photies’ is Scottish vernacular for ‘photos’.

In December 2020, the BBC ran featured some of my Totie Photies online and on TV and radio, spawning a huge amount of media coverage (TV, radio, newspapers and magazine articles) around the world.

2021 continues to be a very exciting year. Highlights include my Totie Photies being featured on BBC Scotland: Susan Calman’s Happy Space and Channel 4: Grayson Perry’s Art Club (episode on food art).

As you’ll see, my Totie Photies are available to purchase via this website, and prints of these are now in the homes and offices of customers in Scotland, the wider UK, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. As I say, it’s been an amazing year.

My Totie Photos are intended to make you smile. I hope they do.

Media and Articles

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